Patient Centricity in Clinical Trials

Securing Health Data in the Cloud

One major concern that is always present when dealing with sensitive data especially in the context of health data is security. Be the Partner leverages industry leading practices to implement a highly secure environment that meets the requirements for our user’s Electronic Health Records (EHR).

To learn more about how Be the Partner addresses this challenge read our whitepaper describing our approach to securely provide health data in the cloud.

The whitepaper covers the following subjects diving into major aspects of cloud security.

  • Network Security
  • Data Encryption
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Identity & Access Control
  • Monitoring & Logging
  • Maintenance & Compliance

To download the whitepaper, please click here.

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Where the lever can be used

If we look at statistics on the leaking patient pipeline in clinical trial recruitment and enrollment over the past 15 years, we find that the loss of patients was somewhat stable. The rate of lost patients is over 60% for pre-screening, over 30% for screening and 20% for post randomization. One rate has worsened dramatically: the percent of patients who declined consent has increased from approximately 40% to over 60%1.

One factor is the abundance of contradictory information to be found on the Internet concerning indications, treatments, and trials, and this is completely unsatisfactory for investigators.

There is need for a community platform for trial participants which offers well-vetted and targeted information to trial candidates already during pre-screening, and especially during the consent process. Patients with an account on this community platform will go home after the ICF talk with the investigator and have the chance to plunge into the matter with information suitable for lay persons. Most importantly, they can better include family and friends into the decision to give consent and participate in the trial.

Communication outside well-trodden paths on a reliable and user friendly platform where patients don’t struggle to find their way is the lever the increase number of consenting patients. This is an opportunity to quickly and effectively staunch one painful leak in the pipeline.

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Voices in the industry: What our pharmaceutical customers say about us

We are just 2 months into our #BeyondTheTrial campaign and we are proud to share our initial results. We’ve gathered additional feedback from our customers on our Platform and are happy to share some insights with you:

"Be the Partner is an excellent collaborator in building a strategic patient communication platform beyond clinical trials. Direct patient engagement through individual welcome and informational letters make it easy to connect with patients during and after the trial. As well, this platform gives us the potential to inform patients about other matching trials and to share study summary information after the trial ends."- Megan McKenzie, Associate Director, Sr. Clinical Program Lead at Genentech

Another positive response comes from one of our customers, a top tier pharma industry innovation leader at the Patient Led Clinical Trials Conference 2017, EyeforPharma, in London (May, 2017) “We partnered with Be the Partner as the platform is user friendly where patients wouldn’t struggle finding their way through. And we didn’t want the data returned to patients coming directly from our systems as this is difficult in terms of firewall and IT security, so we were looking for a third party solution.

 As our partners have demonstrated: building a global patient communication platform generates value. Be the Partner enables sponsors to recapture connectivity to trial participants and alumni of trials, as our partner illustrated below. Click here to learn more and download our whitepaper.

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Decreasing investigator burden by gaining direct access to patients

When we started our #BeyondTheTrial initiative, we spoke about the promise of building long-lasting, strategic relationships with clinical trial patients.

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At the Clinical Trial Collaborations conference last week in Boston, we heard a lot of great conversations.  On the second day we attended sessions on Clinical Trials as a Care Option.  There, speakers discussed how patients and physicians could benefit from looking at clinical trials as another avenue to quality care and not just a tool for the development of new medicines.

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How can data encourage clinical research as a care option?

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Voices in the industry: How giving data back makes a difference

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Clinical Trial Collaborations Conference

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Meeting the Heros

Last weekend I had a retreat with my team and patients who participate in clinical trials. It was a wonderful discussion circle where we aimed to seek assurance on the value of our work. Once again it was amazing to see the deep engagement the patients have in clinical trials - not only for themselves in the hope of receiving a better cure, but especially to help the next generation of patients get better treatments. And, how much patients want to be involved in the assessment of a trial.

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See you at the Clinical Trial Collaborations conference

How do we create and strengthen the collaboration between sponsors, investigators and patients in clinical trials? How do we achieve a closer patient centered partnership in clinical studies? What are the new ways of collaborating for improved clinical trial outcomes and better drug development?
These are the main topics that will be discussed at the Clinical Trail Collaboration conference on 3rd and 4th April in the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, Boston, MA.

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