Patient Centricity in Clinical Trials

How pharmaceutical companies can become compliant with EU536/2015 Annex V



All clinical trials performed in the EU are required to be conducted in accordance with the new EU regulation EU536/2015. This new regulation aims to create a more safe and favorable environment for patients within trials. One goal of this regulation is to increase transparency during and after trials. An example of this is Annex V, the requirement to provide lay summaries for all patients within a limited period of time. This EU transparency directive will be a mandatory regulation by Oct 2018.

With Be the Partner, pharmaceutical companies and their trial teams become seamlessly compliant with this new regulation. Thomas Klein, CEO of Be the Partner will present our #beyondtherial approach and how we easily integrate the new regulation at DPharm US this Friday in Boston, starting at 11.50am. You can also meet us there at booth #50.

See you soon!