Patient Centricity in Clinical Trials

Keeping Patients Enrolled

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I read with great interest the article entitled "The Uphill Path to Successful Clinical Trials" written by Walter Alexander. The subtitle of the article is the title of this post: Keeping Patients Enrolled.  In this article the author talks about how clinical trials are becoming much more difficult.  With the increasing demand for longer-term and outcome-based studies to provide better evidence, the real challenge is keeping patients motivated and retained in these ever increasing costly studies. To minimize patient dropout rates, the author suggests that "a genuine partnership has to be created and sustained among sponsors, research sites and research subjects".

Stop the Patient's Disappearing Act

This is in fact the primary purpose and premise in Be the Partner's patient community platform.  The platform provides a longitudinal patient registry for extending connectivity between sponsors and research subjects during and after the trial.  The platform also gives site tools to stay connected with the patient throughout the course and beyond of the trial.

For more information on the capabilities and benefits of Be the Partner's shared platform, you can request a free demonstration by clicking here.