Patient Centricity in Clinical Trials

Networking of Patient Communities


The Patients as Partners conference held last week in Philly was a priceless forum for discussions with patients, advocates and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry. Interestingly enough, I got the same great question several times:

What is the difference between the Be the Partner platform and the usual patient trial communities?  

When patients enter a trial or a trial community, they are given the option to voluntarily join the Be the Partner Patient Platform for long-term connectivity beyond the trial. The patient remains active in the given trial community for relevant sponsors or CROs. The individual patient can be activated on Be the Partner at any time before, during or after the trial. A crucial feature of the Be the Partner platform is giving the sponsor the ability to combine long-term connectivity to the patient with data return of the patient´s study data after the trial. Later, the patient can have immediate delivery of the Lay Summary. And later, the patient can receive information and insight on the product live-cycle or new scientific findings. Years later, when the new drug has arrived on the market, the sponsor can inform the trial alumni about the branding – a tiny aspect of long term connectivity but essential information for the active patients. Where else would they find it? This is what Be the Partners offers, a strategic patient engagement with the sites and the sponsor beyond the trial.